About The Gallery:

Emulsion Photo is the collection of fine art landscape photos by Andy Ryan, which has been growing consistently since the year 2010. Plans for the future include a public gallery and a collection of stock photos for licensing. Currently, all photos are available for purchase, for both digital rights usage and print.

About The Artist:

Andy is a filmmaker, photographer and musician from Southern California. He began his professional filmmaking career at the age of thirteen, shooting for local businesses and events in and around his hometown of Santa Clarita. Fast forward to today; Andy has an impressive body of work in nature and fine art landscape photography, wedding photography and videography, and in film as Director of Photography for a number of features and countless short films. His love of filmmaking, photography, and music are outlets of his passion for storytelling, whether it be in the framing of a shot in film that supports and drives the narrative, his adventure spirit in photography, or in his musical expression through drumming and guitar. Andy currently teaches film at Inclusion Films in Bakersfield, CA, where he is able to pass on what he has learned so far in his young career to other talented and passionate filmmakers.


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